Our Services

Regular supply program

As we get to know you and your requirements, we will be able to consistently and reliably supply you with diamonds you need, sorted by color, clarity, specific measurements and quantities. We offer you the reliability that comes with familiarity.

Special orders

Our stock contains a large range of stones, but there are times that customers have specific request that are difficult to fill. Our extensive industry experience and business relations enable us to satisfy specific request as quickly as possible.

Investment opportunities

Diamond Investments is one of our leading strategies. We offer our extensive knowledge in the diamond industry to companies that are interested in investing in diamonds. We provide guidance in choosing the right diamond for the specific customer as well as offering financial forecasts.

Special orders

From the actual products to shipping procedures, there are always many questions that accompany a client's final purchasing decisions. That's why our Sales department staff is available by phone and email for any question or request that you might have as you proceed though the diamond purchasing process. We want our customers to buy with confident